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How Different Industries Can Use IoT Tracking

February 09, 2021

IoT, or Internet of Things, describes the network of physical objects that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet. Automatic, real-time asset tracking is a rapidly growing phenomenon that has become key to helping a number of industries stay competitive. Whether tracking equipment, livestock, vehicles, or other property, an efficient and reliable IoT system can make a significant impact on productivity and the bottom line. 

Industries That Can Use IoT

The versatility of IoT makes it ideal for tracking a range of data, from temperature to speed, location, and even storefront visitor behavior. Here are just a few industries that benefit from IoT technology. 


Improve fleet management through tracking vehicle location and speed, road conditions, driver logs and behavior, maintenance alerts, paperwork, and other information. In addition, optimize inventory management and delivery.


Improve road safety, air quality, and agriculture through sensors that provide precise measurements and forecasts of light, motion, temperature, pressure and moisture.


Save resources, time, stress, and lives by tracking and locating crucial medical equipment, such as oxygen masks, surgical tools, stretchers, wheelchairs, linens, and other items that can be lost or stolen. Medical IoT technology also extends beyond hospital walls by connecting patients to their physicians through a variety of devices that monitor conditions.


Ensure quality and complete audit and compliance checks by tracking safety, operations, product quality, and documentation. 

Whether counting vehicles on a busy roadway, tracking kiosk and vending machine usage, or sensing foot traffic inside an art gallery, IoT technology works to provide the data companies need to meet the demands of their customers. See how TagTrack can help you implement innovative IoT processes to grow your business with confidence. 

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